Digital Product and Experience Designer.

I'm a product designer at Facebook and a former KPCB Design Fellow. I've designed at companies like MailChimp and startups like Bloveit to communicate information, build relationships between people, and produce media in a responsible way. I love mood boarding, shooting film, and organizing information.

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MailChimp UX

The world's largest email marketing company, empowering e-commerce businesses through design and customer insights.

  • Product Design
  • UX Strategy
  • User Research
  • Front-End Dev
  • Business Building
  • 05/2015 – 08/2016

MailChimp is the world’s largest email marketing company, empowering business owners and marketers through data and design.

I spent the past year learning product design and development while studying how business owners use email marketing and e-commerce in building their ventures. I initially started as a software development intern in 2015 before transitioning towards UI and product design during the school year.

MailChimp is one of the most authentic and creative companies in our industry, and I learned so much about my growth and maturity as an aspiring designer. MailChimp is also where I developed my love for (and dependence on) coffee.

05/2016 – 08/2016

Share Module

The share module is a way for agencies and teams who use MailChimp to share internal resources such as their reports, templates, and campaigns with their clients and coworkers.

I worked closely with the front-end development team to design and implement the share module into our pattern library. Through MailChimp's social sharing and collaboration features, the share module has helped our users share their findings and look like pros.

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11/2015 – 05/2016

Internal Tooling Redesign

I returned back to MailChimp during the school year as a part-time designer. For six months, I alternated my days between classes at Georgia Tech and the MailChimp office in Ponce City Market. I worked with the internal tooling team to fix usability problems in our admin tools and implement features that help employees help our users.

Many of the design comps I created are confidential and can't be displayed on my website because they contain company information or trade secrets. I can, however, describe the tools I created and explain my process in understanding the needs of other MailChimp employees. A few examples include 1) a global search engine for looking up specific users and 2) an advanced billing display for solving payment issues and invoices.

05/2015 – 08/2015

List Imports Revamp

I started my journey at MailChimp during my first software development internship in Summer 2015. I had just finished my first year of official coursework through the Computational Media degree program and I was ready to learn about UX engineering in the tech industry.

I learned how to refactor and write clean code, digest complex software architecture through the MailChimp app, and understand how design works from a development perspective. Several of my achievements include a redesign of the list imports user flow and a engineering integrations like Google Docs and Salesforce that integrate with MailChimp.

Projects & Startups

Building, designing, and sharing products within the Atlanta startup community and the collegiate hackathon scene.

  • User Research
  • UI/UX Design
  • Web Development
  • Digital Media
  • Entrepreneurship
  • 01/2014 – Present

The community surrounding hackathons and entrepreneurship has encouraged me to pursue design as a career. Starting from my first year at Georgia Tech, I found myself building apps with my friends for fun and helping local businesses tell their stories through design.

While there are other freelance projects that I either worked on or mentored another student designer to build, I wanted to list some of the projects that either have received lots of attention or demonstrate ways that I've grown as a result of them.

04/2015 – 10/2015


What if you had that one friend who knew every place in the city and could tell you where you should go? Bloveit is an app that helps people create interesting ideas for their dates. Millions of people are using apps such as OkCupid and Tinder that target the matching market. Bloveit seeks to fill the post-matching market: helping people stay together after they've met for the first time.

I joined the team during my second year of school as a product & interaction designer. In addition to creating mobile prototypes and conducting usability tests, I also coordinated marketing assets like our landing pages and videos. I also helped perform customer discovery with Atlanta's vibrant millennial population while companying Ugo, our CEO and Founder, on meetings with connections and potential investors in Atlanta's startup scene.

I left the team after MailChimp offered a part-time design position, where I could solidify and learn some of the skills and process I was missing as a designer. Since then, Bloveit has raised a friends & family round, joined the Switchyards community, and officially onboarded 250+ date-worthy venues in Atlanta.

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10/2015 @ HackDuke


Skinsense is a mobile app that screens for melanoma by running computer vision algorithms on photos of skin moles.

My main role was front-end engineering and mobile development through Ionic, Cordova, and AngularJS. We submitted our project to HackDuke's Health & Wellness track, and the app was featured as a Devpost staff pick.

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01/2014 @ MHacks


Samplify is an Android app that identifies samples that appear in the songs you listen to. Through the Gracenote API and, Samplify is meant for those times you hear a sampled track on the radio or at a party and want to know what it is. As an article by The Awesomer puts it, "Samplify is a meta-Shazam".

After making a post about the app on /r/music, the app was featured on the front page of Reddit for 12 hours and we had 8,000 people download the app in the first week. However, Samplify had to be shut down for scraping web content from and we wrote about what happened. Regardless, the 15 minutes of fame was pretty fun.

Samplify was built at MHacks III in collaboration with Hunter Rosenblume and Chris Altonji, two of my best friends from Georgia Tech. Seeing the success of Samplify was what made me want to pursue software development and design as a career. Had it not been for Hunter, Chris, and Samplify, my passion for design would be merely a hobby.

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Elevator Factory

Coworking space by day, community for culturally relevant programming by night.

  • Experience Design
  • Community Building
  • Creative Direction
  • Digital Media
  • Photography
  • 11/2016 – Present

Designers, social entrepreneurs, and other creatives visit the Elevator Factory both as a coworking space and as a community to meet other creators around Atlanta. I joined the team as a digital designer and a community manager during the school year, taking on projects whenever I had time in my class schedule. Several of my accomplishments include designing advertisements for gallery events and editorial spreads about traveling art exhibits.

We have several artistic partnerships around Atlanta and a website redesign scheduled for 2017. In addition to those, I'm currently working on creating photographic and editorial content to be shown to PR, media, and advertising agencies in New York.

A majority of my work is done with Kyle Morais, an aspiring art director and a fellow creative collaborator.


In Search of The Truth

The Truth Booth is an exhibit by Will Sylvester that represents the feeling of vocalizing our dreams, perspectives, and ideologies as a source of truth. The exhibition came to Atlanta and Kyle interviewed Will about the project's history and meaning. I helped design the editorial spreads, which have been sent to media outlets in New York.

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The Plate Sale

Mike & Shyretha Sheats run The Plate Sale, a series of pop-up culinary events catered to Atlanta's tight-knit food scene. The duo is an integral part of the Staplehouse, voted one of the best new restaurants in 2016 by Bon Appétit Magazine.

I designed print takeaways that were placed at every seat of the table to set the mood and tone for our guests. I also took polaroid photos during the event, which have been posted on Elevator Factory's Instagram and are on display throughout the space.

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Esteban Patiño Opening

Possible Structure for a New Language

Esteban Patiño is a Colombian-born artist who created his own artistic language based on six playful symbols. Prior to his involvement with the Elevator Factory, Patiño's work has been exhibited in the High Museum of Art in Atlanta.

My role in this project involved creating posters, managing event graphics, and enhancing the exhibition design for the opening event with a projected live stream. I also played a role in connecting students and young creatives with the space to consider memberships, events, and partnerships with the space.

This exhibit is the first installment of REFRACTION!, a quarterly installation series that features the work of international contemporary artists in the Elevator Factory. The artists work in the same space as our community members.

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